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The annual mid-term work conference of Zhuzhou Kibing Group Stock Co., Ltd. 2022 was successfully held via video conference
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On July 20, 2022, Zhuzhou Kibing Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Kibing Group") 2022 annual mid-term work conference was successfully held in the form of a video conference. Kibing's management team, the head of the functional departments and the executives of the secondary companies attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Yao Peiwu, secretary of the board of directors.

The meeting comprehensively summarised the completion of various tasks in the first half of 2022 from different business perspectives, analysed the current problems in depth in the light of the actual situation of the Group and the domestic and international economic situation, and once again clarified the annual work target and deployed the key tasks of the Group in the second half of the year.

At the meeting, Mr Zhang Bozhong, CEO of the Group, made a report on the work of the first half of the year and the outlook for the second half of the year, Mr. He Wenjin, Chairman of the Board, summarized the operation of the Board of Directors and strategic investment work and put forward the work plan for the second half of the year, other leaders of the CEO Department spoke on their respective businesses, and Mr Yu Qibin the actual controller of the Group, delivered an important speech.

First of all, the CEO gave a comprehensive review and summary of the Group's main operations in the first half of 2022. He systematically analyzed the core problems of each business segment of float, energy saving, photovoltaic, electronics and pharmaceutical glass and put forward his hopes, and at the same time, he also deeply pointed out the problems and shortcomings of the Group in various key tasks and put forward targeted work requirements.

In the meantime, the CEO also combined the current severe economic situation to look forward to the second half of the work. The cold winter of the glass industry has come, to test the comprehensive ability of this team of Kibing, each unit must fill the short board, have strong muscles and bones, take the strategy, and resolutely win this hard battle. All Kibingers are to the latest 2022 comprehensive budget as the goal, to the group strategy as a guideline, to open source, reduce costs and increase efficiency as the deployment of ideas, the work to do deep and practical, sees the action and results; it is important to ensure the safety, orderliness and stability of production and operation, as well as the quality, quantity and speed of project construction.

The CEO stressed that we should work together, manage carefully, put an end to the lazy behaviour of "doing things follow the prescribed order", no laziness and cheating and make achievements; we should be honest and self-disciplined, abide by professional ethics and resolutely not to touch the bottom line of honesty. The enterprise has come to a critical time, "To be bestowed with great responsibility, one must be crucified with ordeal and tribulation to break one's will; subdue one's spirit; exhaust one's muscles", to become the best in the industry, the price will be huge, only withstand the pain of nirvana, worthy of the beauty of rebirth, the pressure and challenge will make the pessimist retreat, but will make the self-motivated person more energetic. We must be the strongest of our time, we must resist the pressure and move forward!

Subsequently, in the summary speech on the operation of the board of directors and strategic investment work, chairman He Wenjin made a detailed review of the results achieved in the first half of the relevant work, the deficiencies in the work and the direction of improvement, and put forward a clear work plan for the optimization and enhancement of strategic investment work, the orderly promotion of the work of the board of directors and securities affairs, and the deployment of the direction of audit and internal control work in the second half of the year. The chairman said, the future business situation is severe, but the risks, challenges and opportunities coexist, in the active and orderly promotion of various work at the same time, I hope that all Kibingers work together, following the Group's strategic instructions, strive to take our business to a new level in the second half of the year and complete our work plan for the year, making a good start to the second phase of the Group's six-year development programme.

Finally, Yu Qibin, the actual controller of the Group, made an important speech. Mr Yu expressed his approval and support for the management team with CEO Zhang Bozhong as the core in grasping the business strategy, analyzing the economic situation, responding to the market and the arrangement of related work, reiterated the necessity for the Group to carry out management organization structure adjustment and business spin-off, and focused on human resources management, strategic resources implementation, new project construction and audit supervision with clear requirements.

Mr Yu said that although the market situation is not optimistic, the management team should take a correct view of the difficulties encountered at present, build up confidence, calmly cope with the situation, strive to improve our management level and try every possible means to reduce the operating costs of the enterprise. While continuing maintain the high-quality operation of the float and energy-saving glass segments, the Group should make every effort to promote the spin-off of the three major businesses of photovoltaic, electronic and pharmaceutical glass, and strive to reach the target as soon as possible, to better utilize the capital market to promote the development and growth of the three major businesses.

Based on the current situation of the Group's human resources work, strategic resources work and project implementation work, Mr Yu stressed that to match the needs of the Group's rapid development, human resources work must be the Group's top priority at present, to speed up the improvement of the mechanism, to recruit and train talents; to promote the project landing to be proactive, grasp and implement the resources implementation work is the key, do not talk on paper; the construction and implementation of new projects should put risk control in the first place, project construction and its funding plan should be managed dynamically, once the construction is started, "time is money, efficiency is life"; audit supervision is a long-term guarantee for the enterprise to "stronger and bigger", it is important to clarify the red line and leave no dead ends. The audit and internal control work should also keep pace with the expansion of the Group's industrial scale and be constantly improved to meet the new development needs. Finally, Mr Yu said he believed that under the leadership of the management team headed by the CEO, we would be able to deliver a satisfactory performance at the end of the year by keeping our spirits up and meeting the challenges.

There is a long way to go, and there are many difficulties. We should work harder to continue to write magnificent chapters. Kibing Group's operation and development, is always in the hands of the "unremitting progress and continuous innovation" Kibingers. We will always be closed around the group's medium and long-term development plan, "Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit ", see the situation, grasp the change, enhance confidence, accumulate energy, work with quiet hard application, accelerate speed, courageous forward, keep moving towards the goal of "stronger and bigger", and strive to create achievements that will impress the industry, accelerate the second take-off of the Kibing Group and move into a new era of industrial diversification together.