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Kibing Group was invited to attend the "International Year of Glass" International Engineering Science and Technology Strategy High-end Forum
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On 7th January, the "International Year of Glass" International Engineering Science and Technology Strategic High-End Forum was held in Longhua, Shenzhen, hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Ceramic Society and China National Building Materials Group Corporation, and organized by the Department of Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Longhua District Government and the National Innovation Centre for Advanced Glass Material. More than 20 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the forum and delivered keynote speeches together with many leading scientific researchers from universities, with the help of this forum, we will fully exchange ideas, build consensus and practical cooperation, resulting in high-quality conference outcomes.


Zhuzhou Kibing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kibing Group", stock code: 601636) President Zhang Bozhong and Assistant President and President of the Group's energy-saving business segment Peng Qing, were invited to attend the forum. As a rising star in the glass industry and a leader in the new era of the glass industry chain, Kibing Group was honoured to participate in the event and presented many new products such as power generation glass, super low-carbon glass, anti-bacterial glass, digital printing glass, pharmaceutical medium borosilicate glass and high-performance electronic glass. The exhibition will be held at the booth of the Forum, which is in line with the theme of the Forum: "Celebrating the past, present and future of glass, creating sustainable equity and a better tomorrow", looking at the future of glass together.


The booth attracted many guests to stop and watch and communicate with each other. With capacity, sales volume, scale, market share and innovative high-value-added products as its core competitiveness, Kibing Group has been praised by the media as the "king of the glass industry" in the construction glass industry, and has been unanimously praised by academicians, experts, government and association leaders, and has fully affirmed and highly valued the contribution and development made by Kibing Group in the glass industry. Kibing Group is currently in a rapid development stage, with single float glass, to energy-saving glass, photovoltaic glass, electronic glass, pharmaceutical glass and other fields of continuous expansion, Kibing Group is actively optimizing and upgrading its product structure, pushing forward the construction of new projects, accelerating the extension of the industrial chain, further enhancing the brand influence and sustainable development potential, and steadily moving into the "world-class" building glass powerful enterprises.


The forum marked a deep cooperation between the global glass industry and the Chinese materials industry, further promoting the integration of glass and materials across borders, disciplines and fields. Kibing Group is honoured to participate in witnessing this historical moment, and always shoulder the important mission of leading the glass industry science and technology innovation, helping the global glass industry sustainable development, adhering to the "unremitting progress and continuous innovation" spirit of Kibing, Kibing Group will fully contribute to China's glass high-level science and technology self-reliance and self-improvement.