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Zhangzhou Kibing Line 6 successfully completed cold repair and put into production
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On the morning of December 10th, 2022, C5 finished product warehouse came to a burst of celebratory firecrackers and announced that Zhangzhou Kibing Glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhangzhou Kibing") line 6 successfully completed cold repair and put into production. This is the seventh production line of Zhangzhou Kibing to complete the technical transformation after the line 4 was put into operation on January 11 this year.
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Kibing Group float plate production operation management department general manager Li Yongming, Zhangzhou Kibing photovoltaic new energy technology limited company deputy general manager (presiding over the work) Shao Ruibin, Zhangzhou Kibing glass limited company Dongshan branch deputy general manager (presiding over the work) Xiong Xiang, Zhangzhou Kibing glass limited company Dongshan logistics branch general manager Ge Weisen, Zhangzhou Kibing general manager's assistant Wu Zishu, Zhou Xiaobin, Lan Mingxiong, and construction unit Ltd. Dongshan logistics branch general manager Ge Weisen, Zhangzhou Kibing general manager assistant Wu Zishu, Zhou Xiaobin, Lan Mingxiong, and the construction unit of the leadership, Zhangzhou Kibing staff, a total of more than 100 people attended the celebration.

The Zhangzhou Kibing line 6 was ignited and put into operation in July 2012. It adopts advanced domestic float glass new technologies and techniques and many advanced technologies from the United States, France and Germany, with a daily melting capacity of 800 tonnes and can produce high-quality float glass with a thickness of 3-15mm and an annual output of about 5.6 million weight cases.

After 10 years of operation, the company officially launched the six-line cold repair technology reform on July 31, 2022. With a total investment of RMB 140 million and a design age of 10 years, the project will make full use of the original plant and supporting facilities to comprehensively upgrade the original equipment and processes to reach the advanced level in the same industry, achieve the purpose of emission reduction, energy saving and consumption reduction, improve product quality, enhance market competitiveness and achieve maximum socio-economic benefits.

Zhangzhou Kibing General Manager Assistant Su Fengrong presided over the lighting ceremony. Su introduced the leaders and guests who attended the ceremony, and on behalf of Zhangzhou Kibing, paid high respect to the leaders at all levels who have been caring for and supporting the construction of the project, and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the relevant units and all staff who have worked hard for the smooth ignition.

Mr Su said, the Zhangzhou Kibing line 6 cold repair project lasted 133 days, during which the company organized resources scientifically and actively promoted the project construction, and delivered a successful answer sheet. In the future, Zhangzhou Kibing will continue to carry forward the "unremittingly progress and continuous innovation" spirit of enterprise, firmly establish the "advance management and tracking implementation" management concept, with greater enthusiasm and higher morale, play management advantages, talent advantages and resources advantage, to contribute the strength for the "becoming stronger and bigger" Kibing Group's strategic objectives.

On behalf of the group, Li Yongming, general manager of the production and operation management department of the float glass business segment of Kibing Group, expressed heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and friends from all walks of life who have been caring for, helping and supporting

Kibing Group, and expressed sincere solicitude to the construction unit and Zhangzhou Kibing staff at all levels who have made efforts in the construction of the project.

Mr Li said that the successful completion of the six-line cold repair project is the result of Zhangzhou Kibing's scientific design and careful organisation by the Group's medium and long-term development plan, summarising the cold repair experience of the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh lines as well as the first line of Heyuan Kibing, and is also another landmark achievement of the Group's sustained efforts in the high-end glass market, further enhancing the competitiveness of the product market. Mr Li hopes that Zhangzhou Kibing will continue to strengthen scientific management under the leadership of the Group, keep improving, operate steadily and give back to society with better products and better services.

Subsequently, Mr Su announced the official ignition of the Zhangzhou Kibing line 6 technical reform project!

At the end of the ceremony, accompanied by the general manager of the Department of leadership, the leaders and guests visited the six-line production workshop, to further understand the results of the technological transformation of Zhangzhou Kibing, witness the progress of Zhangzhou Kibing towards high-quality, high-capacity, high-tech!

Although it's a hard work for thousands of years, the difficulties are blown out then the achievement will begin to come. Zhangzhou Kibing will take the opportunity to put the line 6 into operation, actively respond to the difficulties and challenges of the internal and external environment, and move forward with the spirit of self-improvement and high morale as the common cause of Kibing.