Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption
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         This section is anti-fraud and anti-corruption, human relations issues are corresponding to the [personnel relations complaints] section, product issues are corresponding to the [product quality support and service] section, in addition to anti-fraud and anti-corruption, human relations complaints, product quality support and service issues are corresponding to the [Other comments and feedback]section
Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption
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■ Reporting channels:

Phone: +86-0755-86360618


■ Report confidentiality, verification reward

■ Real name priority, specific can be checked

■ Scope of acceptance:

Accept reports on violations of professional ethics or violations of company interests by employees of Qibin Group (including its subsidiaries), including but not limited to the following acts:

1. Procurement fraud and corruption:

1) Not in accordance with the bidding system, bidding procedures are not open and fair, or seek improper benefits in the bidding,

2) Bidding, bidding, bidding, false quotation, unbalanced quotation, perfunctory implementation of the bidding system, divulging the target,

3) Employees or relatives of the company ask for commercial bribes or kickbacks for various reasons and forms, such as accepting various forms of commercial bribes or business kickbacks such as funds, cards, goods and services,

4) Illegally subcontracting contractual rights and obligations to a third party.

2. Sales fraud and corruption:

1) Company personnel use their authority to transfer company business to stakeholders,

2) Unreasonable pricing, quota allocation, credit granting, special delivery and special discount for the exchange of economic benefits.

3. Conflict of interest:

1) Company personnel engaged in a second occupation that has a conflict of interest with the company;

2) Undeclared relationship with suppliers, dealers and other partners.

4. Misappropriation of assets:

1) False reimbursement, more external payments,

2) misappropriation, embezzlement, theft of company funds or other assets, destruction, abuse or cheap sale of assets.

5. Falsification:

1) concealing or providing false information, intentionally misreporting important information such as statements, performance appraisals and resumes,

2) Forgery, alteration of business records or vouchers, false records, misleading statements or major omissions.

6, the company's management dereliction of duty, abuse of power, violation of public order and good customs, affecting the company's reputation.

7, disclose the company's business, management, technology and other secrets.