Personnel Relations Complaints
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       This section is personnel relations complaints, anti-fraud and anti-corruption issues corresponding to the [anti-fraud and anti-corruption] section, product issues corresponding to the [product quality support and service] section, in addition to anti-fraud and anti-corruption, human relations complaints, product quality support and service issues corresponding to the [other comments and feedback] section.
Personnel Relations Complaints
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■ Complaint channels:

Tel: +86-0755-86329512


■ Scope of acceptance:

Accept complaints and reports on violations of human resource management of Qibin Group (including its subsidiaries), including but not limited to the following aspects:

1. The system is unreasonable or the implementation is unfair.

2. Unfair work arrangements.

3. External recruitment, internal recommendation and competition are unfair.

4. Uneven implementation of training.

5, salary, welfare, shareholding, attendance leave, piece/commission bonus, reward deduction, social security fund participation and other unfair related.

6. Unfair performance appraisal.

7, employee rewards and punishments, labor disputes, work-related injuries and other unfair treatment.

8. Other injustices.