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Congratulations on the success of the Kibing Group’s Review Meeting on National Standard for Insulating Glass, Functional Films for Architectural Glass
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May 18-19, the National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Glass for Construction came to the beautiful “Pearl of Taihu Lake” - Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, successfully held the insulating glass and functional film for architectural glass two national standards review meeting. This meeting was jointly organized by China Building Material Certification (hereinafter referred to as CTC) and Zhuzhou Kibing Group Stock Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Kibing Group”), a total of more than 70 representatives from standard authorities, manufacturers, users, research institutes, quality inspection, industry associations and other units attended the meeting.


Kibing Group is honoured to be invited to host this national standard review meeting, actively organizing and coordinating the meeting to be held smoothly, making positive contributions to promoting the progress and standardized development of the glass industry. Fan Ping, the Kibing Group’s technical director of energy-saving glass applications, participated in the meeting as a representative of the participating units; Wu Guangning, the general manager of Changxing Kibing Energy-saving Glass Co., Ltd, as the organizer of the meeting, arrived and delivered a speech to express his warm welcome to the arrival of the experts, leaders and representatives of enterprises, and also expressed his support and attention to the revision of the standard Insulating Glass and Functional Film for Architectural Glass. He said that we look forward to making greater contributions to the sustainable development of the glass industry for construction through the implementation of these two standards.


The revision of the “Insulating Glass” and “Functional Film for Architectural Glass” standards makes the content of the standards more suitable for the current level of product development in China, promotes technological progress and product quality improvement, helps to align with the international prevailing standards, improves the competitiveness of the international market, and contributes to standardizing and leading the high-quality and healthy development of the industry.


As an influential brand in the glass industry, the Kibing Group has been committed to research and innovation in glass and its related technologies for many years and enjoys a good reputation in both domestic and international markets. In the future, Kibing Group will continue to promote innovation and development in the field of glass for construction and provide higher-quality products and services to the industry!