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Kibing Group ranked among the top 100 growth companies in the 16th China Listed Companies Value Awards
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On the afternoon of 22nd September 2022, the “16th Awards of the Value of Listed Companies In China Forum” hosted by the Securities Times was successfully held in the form of a meta-universe. “The 16th Awards of the Value of Listed Companies In China” list was announced on-site, and Kibing Group with its excellent performance and good capital market image was ranked in the "Awards of the Value of Listed Companies In China Growth Top 100 List".

It is reported that the "Awards of the Value of Listed Companies In China" is organised by the Securities Times, with judges from regulatory departments, famous universities, brokerage institutes, investment institutions and other departments, representing different participants in the capital market, to evaluate the list professionally and comprehensively. It is an authoritative branding exercise for listed companies in China's capital market and is also an authoritative branding exercise for the value of listed companies in China. The fact that Kibing was listed on the list which represents not only represents the high recognition of the past business performance and high-quality development of the company by authoritative media, market professional institutions and investors but also highly praises the image and strength of the company's capital market. It is also a spur for Kibing to continue to improve its corporate value in the future.

In recent years, in the face of increasingly severe and complex global political and economic forms and a sluggish market environment. Kibing Group has always focused on the strategic goal of being "Stronger and Bigger" and actively enterprising. While implementing cost reduction and efficiency enhancement and refined management in an all-around way, Kibing further promotes the extension layout of the industrial chain, constantly strengthen and enhances competitive advantages, and lay a solid foundation for Kibing's high-quality development and building a new development pattern.

In the future, Kibing Group will continue to be guided by the corporate culture values of "unremitting progress and continuous innovation", taking R&D technology as the first driving force, continuously strengthening the enterprise, promote the development of high-end industries. Be better and stronger, enhance the market value of the enterprise through stable operation and good performance, move steadily towards the vision of "building a classic brand and becoming a century group", and make a greater contribution to social and economic development.