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“Gusu Dialogue” Review
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From 24th to the 26th of August, the "2022 Gusu Dialogue" was held in Suzhou with the theme of "Practicing Green Safety in the Industry Chain". Organised by the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (CPPA), the event focused on the latest developments in domestic and international regulations and standards for pharmaceutical packaging materials, green savings, supply chain safety and other hotspots, sharing new thinking, new ideas and new information. It is dedicated to continuously serving pharmaceutical innovation and providing a cutting-edge, international empowerment platform for the pharmaceutical industry. A total of 19 sub-forums, over 100 speakers and 54 exhibitors gathered on-site for face-to-face communication and exchange.

Hunan Kibing Pharmaceutical Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass") under Kibing Group was invited to attend this activity. The professional technical team presented a wide range of pharmaceutical medium borosilicate glass, fully demonstrating the company's R&D strength and technical level. The products brought include pharmaceutical medium borosilicate glass tubes, medium borosilicate glass controlled injection bottles and medium borosilicate glass ampoules, which attracted a large number of people to stop by.


It is worth mentioning that Boentr® pharmaceutical medium borosilicate glass tubes possess core intellectual property rights. The company's team has developed its kiln and tube drawing technology to break through the technical barriers of pharmaceutical medium borosilicate, effectively overcoming the technical problems of "difficult to melt, easy to phase and difficult to homogenise". The product has excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance and pressure resistance, which can protect the stability and efficacy of the most sensitive drugs and is suitable for pharmaceutical packaging, mainly for vials and ampoules.

The success of this event is not only the presentation of the brand strength but also an opportunity to communicate with the visitors and gain timely insight into the market demand. In the future, Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass will take the responsibility of "establishing a national brand of medium borosilicate glass", always adhering to the Kibing spirit of "unremitting progress and continuous innovation", devoting itself to finding the most suitable packaging solutions for pharmaceutical companies, constantly improving the quality and safety of pharmaceutical packaging, and becoming the most reliable professional manufacturer of medium borosilicate glass for pharmaceuticals in the world.