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Heyuan Kibing’s first line cold repair was completed and put into production.
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On the morning of July 29th, 2022, Heyuan Kibing Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Heyuan Kibing") first-line technical transformation ceremony was held as scheduled, Kibing Group Vice President Yang Lijun, Li Yongming, the Group (float glass segment) Production & Operation Management Department General Manager, Deputy General Manager Chen Xin, Heyuan Kibing General Manager Department leadership, Jiang Zhenan, General Manager of Guangdong Kibing energy-saving glass Co. Ltd, Li Yongsheng, General Manager of Heyuan Kibing Silicon Industry Co., Ltd Dongyuan Branch, Li Yongsheng, Assistant General Manager, Head of Sales for South China Region of Kibing Group and other leaders. As well as construction units, Heyuan Kibing staff and a total of more than 100 people attended the commissioning ceremony, to witness the milestone moment on the road of Heyuan Kibing development.

The first line of Heyuan Kibing was ignited and officially put into operation in May 2012, adopting new technology and techniques of advanced float glass in China, with a daily melting capacity of 800 tonnes, capable of producing high-quality float glass of 4-12mm thickness and with an annual output of approximately 5.26 million weight cases. After nearly 10 years of operation, the cold repair and technical reform were officially launched on 8th March 2022.

In the Group's unified deployment, combined with the Group's other subsidiaries of the cold repair technology reform experience, Heyuan Kibing’s scientific development of construction plans, to ensure the quality of the project and project safety, under the premise of constantly accelerating the project construction progress. 29th July, after nearly five months of hard work, Heyuan Kibing’s first-line technical transformation project was completed and ushered in the completion of production.

Heyuan Kibing's first-line technical transformation commissioning ceremony was hosted by Lin Rongmao, Deputy General Manager of Heyuan Kibing.

Mr Lin introduced the leaders and guests who attended the ceremony and expressed his warm welcome to all the leaders and guests who came to the ceremony amid their busy schedules; he paid high respect to the leaders at all levels who have been caring for and supporting the construction of the project; he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the relevant units and all the staff who have worked hard for the smooth ignition.

Mr Lin said that the first line finished cold repair and put into production is an important node in the quality development of Heyuan Kibing, all members of the company will take this opportunity, the upper and lower concentrated efforts, take advantage of the momentum, adhering to the "unremitting progress and continuous innovation" spirit of Kibing, and constantly improve the management level, improve process technology, strive to create first-class management, production of first-class products, provide first-class service, create a first-class enterprise.

Subsequently, Group Vice President Yang Lijun delivered a speech for the commissioning ceremony, Mr Yang gave a brief introduction to the first-line cold repair technology improvement project, and on behalf of the Kibing group to express a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all guests attending the ceremony, and express our sincere greetings to the construction units and employees at all levels of Heyuan Kibing who have made great efforts in the project construction.

Mr Yang said the first-line cold repair technology reform project is another landmark achievement of Kibing Group's continuous efforts in the high-end glass market, reflecting Kibing Group's determination to continuous innovation and high-quality development! In the future, Kibing will adhere to the strategic goal of being "Stronger and Bigger", we will steadfastly promote transformation and upgrading, continuously adjust and optimise the industrial structure, stimulate endogenous power and promote sustainable development. We believe that with the joint efforts of all staff at Kibing, we will be able to continue to break through, produce better quality products, enhance our comprehensive competitiveness and win the favour and choice of more customers.

At the end of the ceremony, Lin Rongmao, Deputy General Manager of Heyuan Kibing, announced the official ignition of Heyuan Kibing's first-line technical improvement project!

Accompanied by the leaders of the general manager department of each subsidiary in the Heyuan region, Yang Lijun, Vice President of the Group, visited the production site of Heyuan Kibing after the first-line technical transformation. The clean and tidy production workshop, neatly placed utensils, bright and comfortable central control room, the technology upgrade of the new equipment ...... The new production site fully demonstrates the results of the first-line technical transformation of Heyuan Kibing but also powerfully demonstrates the determination of Heyuan Kibing to continue to move towards high-quality, high-capacity, high-tech enterprises!

In the future, Heyuan Kibing will continue to uphold the "vigorous, simple and practical" style of Kibing, under the unified leadership of the Group, promote solid operation and management with a "safe, quality and pragmatic" attitude, strengthen scientific management, keep improving, operate steadily, and give back to the society with better products and better services. At the same time, all employees of the company will respond to the difficulties and challenges of the internal and external environment with a more positive and courageous attitude. With the spirit of self-improvement, a high tenacious fighting spirit and a vigorous enterprising spirit. Kibing strives to build its grand goal of "building a classic brand and becoming a century group".