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High-transparency, high-strength ultra-clear photovoltaic glass to help the rapid development of solar modules
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On 23-24 August 2022, the 2022 Annual "Advanced Technology and Materials for Photovoltaics in Crystalline Silicon (ATPV)" Spring Conference, directed by the PV Committee of China Green Supply Chain Alliance (ECOPV), was successfully concluded in Wuxi. More than 200 industry experts participated in this technical forum, sharing and discussing content on industry hotspots of concern to upstream and downstream enterprises, and promoting technology exchange and progress.


Dr Wan Junpeng, Technical Director of Kibing Solar, attended the conference as an important guest and delivered a presentation entitled "High-transmission and high-strength ultra-clear photovoltaic glass to help the rapid development of solar modules". The report pointed out that photovoltaic glass, as an essential material for solar modules, has been used in a large number of applications, whether in crystalline silicon or thin-film modules, where the two main roles are light transmission and protection of the cell. Therefore, the high light transmission and high strength performance of photovoltaic glass are crucial. While rapidly expanding PV glass production capacity and reducing costs, Kibing Solar continues to research and improve the light transmission and strength of PV glass.


Currently, the transmittance of single-coated photovoltaic glass can reach 94.1% and that of double coated can reach 94.4%. Especially with the advancement of technology, the 2.0 front panel coating has high transmittance and is lighter and thinner; the strength of the 2.0 back panel screen printing glass is also increasing; meanwhile, the double-glass modules have the advantages of good durability, low attenuation and double-sided power generation, and with the rapid development of TOPCon and heterojunction (HJT), it is believed that the proportion of double-glass modules will continue to increase in the future. Kibing will also continue to invest more in R&D and launch more products on double-glass products.

In the "double carbon" era of "2030 carbon peak, 2060 carbon neutral" and the global energy market is facing profound changes and energy transformation, technology development and progress is the eternal topic, it is also the goal of all photovoltaic people to strive for. Kibing Solar has always been committed to technological innovation, driven by the manufacture of high-quality photovoltaic glass, together with industry partners to create a "Green Future".