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Kibing Group's 2023 Annual Work Conference was successfully held
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Zhuzhou Kibing Group Stock Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Kibing Group"or "the Group") held a successful 2023 annual work conference. The meeting comprehensively reviewed the production and operation of the Kibing Group in 2022, analyzed and discussed the problems and shortcomings in the past work, also planned and deployed the key work in 2023. To cooperate with epidemic prevention and control, the meeting was held in the form of a video conference, and each subsidiary participated in the meeting through video online. The meeting was chaired by Yao Peiwu, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Group.

He Wenjin, Chairman of the Group, read out a speech on behalf of Mr Yu, the actual controller. In his speech, Mr Yu affirmed the work and achievements of Kibing Group in 2022, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all colleagues for their hard work and dedication, and raised expectations and requirements for the work in 2023. Finally, Mr Yu sent his New Year greetings and blessings to all the staff of Kibing.

The Group's President, Mr Zhang Bozhong, delivered the 2022 annual work report. In the report, the President summarised the operations of the Group's businesses in 2022, focusing on the analysis of current problems and putting forward requirements and suggestions for improvement, as well as making overall planning and deployment of key tasks for 2023.

In 2022, with many internal and external complex factors, the Kibing group ushered in unprecedented pressure and difficulties. However, remained clear-headed, calm and stable, and actively coordinated the epidemic prevention and control, business development and safety production work, focusing on its main business and strengthening innovation through solid management, calm response to weaknesses, and careful calculation to tap the potential. The Group have fully implemented the requirements of the "Kibing Group medium and long-term strategic development plan", made every effort to overcome difficulties, and has done a lot of work in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, transforming and upgrading, preventing risks, and improving competitiveness, and has made hard-won achievements.

Mr He Wenjin, Chairman of the Group, Mr Zhang Guoming, Financial Controller of the Group, Mr Zuo Chuan, Vice President of the Group, and Mr Yan Wendou, Director of Audit and Internal Control of the Group, made a summary report on their work in 2022 and planned and deployed their key work in 2023.

In 2022, it is a key year for the implementation of the medium and long-term strategic development plan of Kibing Group, and it is the first year for the development of many important projects in many places, at the same time, it is also a year full of difficulties, challenges and opportunities, but Kibing people who are not afraid of hardships, tiredness and difficulties are working together, facing up to difficulties, doing their duty and diligence, and still delivered a more satisfactory answer sheet.

In 2023, the Kibing people will continue to uphold the spirit of "unremitting progress and continuous innovation", and carry forward the culture of "change, innovation, unity, efficiency", under the trust and support of the actual controller Mr Yu, under the scientific leadership of the Board of Directors, under the leadership of the management team with President Zhang Bozhong as the core of the management team, around the "open source, reduce costs and increase efficiency" management platform, We will full of confidence and positive action, continue to improve the quality of our products and services, continue to increase our innovation and research and development efforts, continue to strengthen our team cohesion and combativeness, continue to promote organisational change and performance improvement, and build a more competitive management system to ensure that the Group's strategic plan for 2023 is soundly implemented and efficiently executed, and ultimately reap good results.