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Kibing Group's energy-saving glass industry sales meeting was held successfully
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From February 2nd to February 3rd, Zhuzhou Kibing Group Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“Kibing Group”) Energy-saving Glass Industry 2023 sales work conference was held in Liling. Kibing Group’s President Zhang Bozhong, Group’s President Assistant Peng Qing, Energy-saving Glass Industry operation and management Deputy General Manager Xiao Shuilu, Energy-saving Glass Industry Application Technology Director Fan Ping, Energy-saving Glass Industry Marketing Director Huang Zaifei, Domestic and Foreign Energy-saving Companies General Manager, Sales Leaders, Sales Department Manager, Application Technology Department Manager, Sales Office Director (including Representative Offices) attended the meeting.

This sales meeting, with the theme of “starting again”, reviewed the struggle of Kibing Group's Energy-saving Glass from a “new force” to a recognized national brand in the industry, comprehensively summarized the completion of the sales of Energy-saving Glass in 2022, analyzed the company's risk control, team building, branding and other working problems. Also, the higher pursuit goals of the Energy-saving Glass Industry in the new development stage were clearly defined, and various specific tasks of the Energy-saving Glass Industry in 2023 were deployed.

On the afternoon of 2nd February, the sales meeting of the Energy-saving Glass Industry of Kibing Group was officially held, the Marketing Director of the Energy-saving Glass Industry, Mr Huang Zaifei, made a summary report on the sales work of the Energy-saving Glass Industry in 2022, such as the signing of orders, human efficiency, risk control and brand entry, and discuss the common problems and key points of improvement of all companies. Mr Huang mentioned that 2023 is a year from large-scale development to high-quality development. How to further strengthen the sales team, strengthen the awareness of risk control, and achieve “sign more and sign better” will become an important factor for Kibing to move towards high-quality development.

Afterwards, Fan Ping, the Application Technology Director of the Energy-saving Glass Industry, made an analysis and report on the market demand, development trend, brand promotion, brand entry and other technical service work of Energy-saving Glass, and made deployment of the key work of the application technology team in 2023. Mr Fan mentioned that Energy-saving Glass will develop in the direction of double silver, triple silver, BIPV and glass to multi-function. In 2023, we should focus on promoting the development of new products, improving the existing double and triple silver products and undertaking BIPV projects.

Peng Qing, Assistant President of the group, combined with the Energy-saving Glass Industry in 2022 to put forward the key work requirements for 2023, Mr Peng mentioned that the energy-saving glass industry of Kibing Group has experienced difficult brand development from scratch since the construction of the factory, and also experienced three years of rapid development. Facing adverse factors such as the encirclement and interception of competitors, the great changes in the real estate market, and the epidemic situation, Kibing has gone against the trend through everyone's hard work. The rapid development and substantial increase in performance each year have promoted the orderly improvement of brand influence.  Kibing as a start-up brand is not easy.

Mr Peng pointed out that Kibing has entered a new historical period, we should assume a new historical mission, the overall market is depressed, but there is still huge room for development. In 2023, we should focus on enhancing the sales team’s risk control awareness, strengthening the management of the sales team, reasonable use of sales resources for deployment, and implementing the good energy-saving brand into the work, to build a ruthless, hard-working, tough sales team.

Tianjin Kibing Energy-saving Glass Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Energy-saving”), South Energy-saving Glass (Malaysia) Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Malaysia Energy-saving”), Hunan Kibing Energy-saving Glass Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Hunan Energy-saving”), Guangdong Kibing Energy-saving Glass Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Guangdong Energy-saving”), Changxing Kibing Energy-saving Glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changxing Energy-saving"), the General Managers and Sales Leaders of the five energy-saving companies reported in turn on the sales work of each company in 2022, analyzed the problems in terms of sales layout, team building and brand entry, and put forward improvement plans in conjunction with the guiding opinions put forward by the Group leaders, and established the sales target for 2023.

At the end of the meeting, Group President Zhang Bozhong made important instructions for the sales of the Energy-saving Glass Industry in 2023, President Zhang pointed out that although Kibing Group’s Energy-saving Glass as a new brand is developing rapidly, the brand influence is improving, and the gap with the industry leader is gradually narrowing, there will be more difficulties to overcome on the way forward. Therefore, based on the new development stage, we can not be stagnant, we must actively respond to the challenge, seize the opportunity to develop, based on experience to continue to pursue, the courage to innovate, strengthen the factory and sales cooperation, break through the technical barriers, the group to create a better working atmosphere for everyone, together to cast a larger Kibing platform, to a new height of development.

Looking back on 2022, it was a tough year for the Energy-saving Glass Industry, the downstream industry continued to be in the doldrums, combined with the impact of the complex international situation, resulting in a greater impact on business performance, but the companies overcame the adverse situation so that the production and various operations still maintained a stable running state, which is inseparable from the perseverance and hard work of Kibing people, but also from the hard work and dedication of Kibing management.

In 2023, Kibing Group’s Energy-saving Glass will be in a new historical period “starting again”, high-quality completion of the new historical mission. Kibing Group will continue to uphold the spirit of “unremitting progress and continuous innovation”, and carry forward the “change, innovation, unity, high efficiency” of the Kibing culture, under the leadership of the group, pioneering and innovative, enterprising, professional and concentrated, courageous forward, to help Kibing Group’s “stronger and bigger” strategic objectives to achieve as soon as possible.