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Chen Xiaohui, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of CNPC's Natural Gas Sales Hunan Branch Visited the Chenzhou region of the Kibing Group
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On 28th July 2022, Chen Xiaohui, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of CNPC's Natural Gas Sales Hunan Branch led a delegation to visit Chenzhou Kibing Photovoltaic Photoelectric Glass Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Chenzhou Photovoltaic") and Hunan Kibing Pharmaceutical Materials Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass"), accompanied by Zhang Bozhong, CEO of Kibing Group, and warmly received by Liu Liwu, General Manager of Chenzhou Photovoltaic and Ye Canjing, General Manager of Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass.

The two sides first came to the conference room for talks and in-depth exchanges and discussions on natural gas utilisation and future development.

After the meeting, Secretary Chen and his party visited the Chenzhou photovoltaic back glass deep processing line. CEO Zhang gave a detailed introduction to the scale of the production line, process flow, product development and application fields, as well as a brief introduction to the development history and strategic planning of Kibing Group. Secretary Chen and his party listened carefully to the relevant introduction and expressed their affirmation of Chenzhou PV's insistence on grasping product technology research and development, doing a good job in production management, adhering to green development and striving to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise in terms of anti-risk ability and profitability. During the investigation and research, both sides also had in-depth discussions and exchanges on issues such as technological innovation and resource utilization.

Afterwards, Secretary Chen and his party visited the production line of medium borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tubes and the production line of deep processing bottles. CEO Zhang introduced in detail the production process of medium borosilicate glass tubes and bottles, as well as the development trend of pharmaceutical glass. During the visit, Secretary Chen fully affirmed the quality and process level of the company's independently produced borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tubes and other products, and highly praised the contribution made by the Kibing Group to the glass industry over the years.

As a landmark project of Kibing Group's continued efforts in high-end precision glass, the Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass medium borosilicate pharmaceutical glass project will also help Kibing Group’s "One Body Two Wings" 、"Stronger and Bigger" strategic objectives.

As the largest natural gas sales company in China and the "main force" of clean energy supply, CNPC's Natural Gas Sales Hunan Branch is making every effort to ensure the natural gas needs of the enterprise by grasping new opportunities for green development. The development and growth of the enterprise cannot be achieved without the support of all parties. We hope that both sides will continue to maintain close contact and deepen cooperation, and make new contributions to the promotion of economic development!