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Hunan Provincial CPPCC and Chenzhou Municipal CPPCC visited Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass for research
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On March 1st and March 9th, leaders at all levels such as the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference and Chenzhou Municipal Political Consultative Conference visited Hunan Kibing Pharmaceutical Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass).

On March 1st, Xiao Bailing, a member of the party group and Vice Chairman of Hunan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, accompanied by Wu Jupei, Secretary of Chenzhou Municipal Committee and Yang Licheng, Secretary of Zixing Municipal Committee, visited Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass to carry out research activities. Ye Canjing, General Manager of Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass, warmly received and explained the project with great care.

During the research, the provincial CPPCC research team went to the production site of Hunan pharmaceutical glass tubes and visited the production process of neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tubes. Mr Ye briefly introduced the production process, production line scale and application fields of neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass to the provincial leaders.

Subsequently, the provincial CPPCC research group came to the intensive processing workshop, watched a variety of neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass bottle samples, and had a further understanding of the comprehensive strength and development potential of Kibing.

During the research, Mr Ye said that the growth and development of Kibing cannot be separated from the concern and support of provincial and municipal leaders, Kibing will also continue to increase research and development, continue to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, gradually optimize the product structure and make due contribution to the economic construction of Chenzhou. Chairman Xiao expressed his appreciation for the achievements of Kibing in recent years and encouraged our company to further accelerate the construction of new projects, based on Kibings advantages, digging deeper into the potential energy, and constantly improving the ability of scientific and technological innovation, the enterprise will be stronger and bigger, move forward to the foreign high-end glass market.

On March 9th, Zhao Yu, Vice Secretary of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of the Chenzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference visited Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass and was warmly received by Gao Yang, Manager of the Personnel and Administration Department.

Accompanied by Manager Gao, the research team visited the production line of neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass of Hunan Pharmaceutical Glass. The research group understood in detail the product process, production operation and market development, and asked about the construction of the second phase production line.

Since Kibing arrived in Zixing in 2019, Hunan Pharmacy Glass has always adhered to the spirit of “unremitting progress and continuous innovation” of Kibing, adhered to the quality concept of “exceeding customer needs as the quality standard”, continuously promoted transformation and upgrading, adjusted the product structure, and worked towards the strategic goal of “becoming stronger and bigger”.